Friday, 12 August 2016

Highly Immersive Programme - Part 1

  • Our very first project for HIP... English Zone!

Thank you Cikgu Redzwan for helping us!

Teacher Azura was busy laminating the materials.

Almost done..

Done! Yay!

Done! Yay!
  • We decided to have assembly in English once a month. The teachers on duty are responsible to prepare speech in English. We would encourage the non-optionist teachers to deliver speech during the assembly. Practice makes perfect! :)
  • Reading Corner - I managed to buy these books at cheaper price from AEON Station 18. Each book costs me RM1 and it consists of four short stories. I put these colourful and attractive books in my class so that my students could read and fill up their NILAM book whenever they're free. I know it's not easy for young kids to stay in place and do reading but some of my students really did! High five! :D
4 short stories in a book.

Footnote : I'll try my best to make it real! :) More updates will be coming soon. Wait and see.. Haha


  1. Thank you for the posting. It's helpful.

  2. Great job puan. Thanks fr sharing. Keep it up

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  4. congrats cikgu..
    thank yu 4 sharing

  5. camne nk cari hip reporting....buka web tak jumpa lg...

      Here's the link.
      Semua materials tentang HIP ada dalam tu.. :)

  6. Congrats teacher Raihan! for your effort and great ideas of the progrramme and of course thank you very much for sharing the ideas with us

  7. Congrats teacher Raihan! on your effort and great ideas to share this prgrm with us and thank you very much.

  8. congrats teacher Raihan
    tq for sharing


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