Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Highly Immersive Programme - Part 2

Woot.. Woot.. Hi people!

As I promised you guys, I'm going to share the activities my school had carried out in conjunction to make this HIP a success.

Assembly in English
Last Monday morning, we conducted our assembly in English. It was the second time since July. I was glad that my Year 4 students were ready to read the emcee text, led the national philosophy and prayers recitation. My colleagues, Puan Aishah, the teacher's incharged and Puan Zauyah, senior assistant of students' affair had prepare their speech text and yes, I could say that everything went well. Their speech was great! Applause!

Emcee - Imtiyaz, Year 4 student
Prayer recitation by Naufal, year 3 student
Story telling
This wasn't a competition! My Year 5 students, Ghaz and Sabrina offered themselves to tell stories during assembly. This is the positive impact of Highly Immersive Programme, I guess. It is crystal clear that this programme has help the students engage with the language and at the same time help them build their confidence to use the language. Before I promoted HIP to my students, I could hardly hear them speak English or make them involve in English activities. After about two months promoting the program, alhamdulillah, they have shown their interest towards the language.

Story telling by Ghazsani

Story telling by Sabrina

English Language Camp
Last Saturday, 20 of year 1 and year 2 students in my school participated in English Camp which was held at SK Tanah Hitam. I received many positive feedback given by the students, parents and the teachers involved. The aims of this camp are to let the students expose to the language and be able to apply it in their daily life.

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand" - Confucius

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  1. Good job Cikgu Raihan. You're a very dedicated and hardworking teacher. You'll be a successful teacher. But, hey, please review your grammar when you write.


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